Dry Creeks

Dry creek beds are a beautiful landscape design element that can be functional as well. Especially in the Colorado Springs area. Dry creeks are to control drainage, direct heavy rainfall. Also, they create a wonderful contrasting textures. If your property has any kinds of drainage or erosion issues, a dry creek may be the perfect landscape element for your property. On their own, dry creeks can divide spaces and create a unique element in your landscape.


A creek bed is a great way to make a dramatic statement in your garden, without a lot of  skill or landscaping experience. There are many ways to build your dry creek bed as well as many materials to use.  For a smaller and more calm creek using two to four inch cobble. During heavy rainfall your creek bed becomes a beautiful babbling brook. If you're looking for a larger more robust creek bed, use four to six inch cobble with larger accent boulders. 

Dry Creek Beds By Distinctive Terrascapes Colorado Springs Landscaping

Dry Creek Beds

once you've build dry creek beds, you can dress up their sides a bit. Using plants in your creek bed will give it more depth. Therefore, making it look like a natural formation. Using grasses and succulents can create a softer and more fluid look. The stream bed should meander naturally, never in a straight line. Thus, creating the illusion that the creek bed has always there. 


As with any landscape elements a dry creek bed may not be perfect for every property. In our Landscape Design process we will look at the landscape as a whole and find where a creek bed will work best for you.

Dry Creek Beds By Distinctive Terrascapes Colorado Springs Landscaping