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Dry Creek Beds Colorado Springs

 Dry creek beds are a beautiful landscape design element that can be highly functional as well, especially in the Colorado Springs area. A dry creek bed can be used to control drainage, direct heavy rainfall, and create wonderful contrasting textures. If your property has any kind of issue with drainage or erosion a dry creek bed may be the perfect landscape element for your property. On its own a dry creek bed can divide spaces and create a unique element in your landscape. There are multiple ways to build your dry creek bed as well as multiple materials to use. For a smaller and more calm creek using two to four inch cobble. During heavy rainfall, or draining large amounts of water, the creek bed becomes a beautiful babbling brook. If you want a larger more robust feeling, using four to six inch cobble with larger accent boulders will provide a lot of visual stimulation.

Accenting your creek bed or incorporating it in with your overall landscape can easily change the mood of the dry creek bed itself. You can use plants to soften the creek bed, give it more depth, or even make it look like a completely natural formation. Using grasses and succulents can create a softer, more inviting feeling. If you place a large amount of ground coverings and spreading plants you can create the illusion that the creek bed was always there. Overall adding plants to the creek bed can create an entirely different feeling.

As with all landscape elements a dry creek bed may not be perfect for every property and the direction of the flow is a very high priority. In the process of the design we, at Distinctive Terrascapes, will look at the design as a whole and work with you to find what will work best for you.

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