Landscape Design by Distinctive Terrascapes Landscaping Colorado Springs

Why A Landscape Design?

Because, studies tell us that a professionally designed landscape plan will increase the value and curb appeal of your property. The designer's input can add value both immediately and for seasons to come. Quality landscaping is very popular in Colorado Springs and we take pride in how our community looks. Therefore, having a carefully crafted landscape design is the first step toward improving the function and the appeal of your landscape. Our process starts with an initial meeting with a landscape designers. In this meeting we will assess your landscaping needs, your landscape wants. Finally, we followed up with your new sophisticated and timeless landscape design!

A Professional Design

We has designed hundreds of residential landscape projects throughout Colorado Springs. Our professional landscape designers will create you a unique, custom design. Let us redesign that tired looking front yard landscape that is in need of curb appeal.  Further more, having us create a design that will transform your backyard that hasn't had any practical use for years.  After you're happy with your design one of our talented construction teams will take your landscape plan from a concept to a reality! Don't forget to add  Outdoor Living elements to your Colorado Springs landscaping project. It's always more cost effective to get them in the now than adding them later.

Landscape Design By Distinctive Terrascapes Landscaping Colorado Springs


A quality design allows the customer and the landscape contractor to communicate through visual confirmation. Therefore, eliminating confusion.


A landscape design allows us to define the materials and quantities accurately. Thus, limiting the chance for additional, unexpected material charges.


Having a well designed landscaping plan puts the installation crew on the same page as you and your landscape designer.


The whole process allows us to get to know each other. Above all, this cannot be overstated. A good working relationship is key to a successful project.