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Landscapes that use a High Plains style can be some of the most interesting. The layering of shrubs, grasses and perennials give each type of planting a chance to stand out. From ten foot tall Pampas grass to six inch fescue the drama you can create in a landscape is wonderful. When considering which landscape styles to use DO NOT over look High Plains.

Artistic Revival is one of the more focal oriented landscape styles. It relies heavily on architectural features such as trellises and pergolas that match the home. In an Artistic Revival landscape the use of fountains and sculptures are encouraged to increase dramatic affect. Flowering perennial, grasses and boulders create textures and compliment focal points. This landscape style lends itself well to home owners that want privacy without fencing.

Traditional Revival is the style of landscaping most people refer to as formal or classical landscaping. Traditional landscapes use symmetrical crisp lines that depend heavily on order and balance. The repetition of planting material as well as defined boarders frame focal points and walkways. The use of deep rich colors in shrubs and flowers will add to the classic feel of this landscape style.

High Desert more recently termed as Xeriscape, is more of a principal than a "landscaping style". The use of drought tolerant plants, heavy soil amendments, mulch, decorative rock and efficient irrigation techniques make Xeriscaping the most responsible landscape style for the water starved Colorado Springs area.

The Foothills landscape style is an excellent landscape style if you have elevation changes across your property. The use of pine trees, aspens, accent boulders and cobble stones for dry creek beds give the space a feel of a mountain get away. The use of native plantings and wild flowers in informal scalloped arrangements makes for a low maintenance landscape that flows with nature.

Colorado Springs Landscape Styles

One very important decision to make before starting your new landscape project is selecting the landscape style that best matches the look and feel of your home and still reflects your unique personality. This is the best way to create unity between your Colorado Springs home and landscape. Below are some samples of various landscape design styles. Please contact us for a free landscape design consultation. We can help you determine which style works best for you and your surroundings.

Distinctive Terrascapes