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Distinctive Terrascapes

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Our Landscaping services In Colorado Springs

​​​Dry Creek Beds

Dry Creek Beds are designed to look fantastic during sunny times, but can be very functional during rainy times. Dry creek beds will carry surface water where it needs to go to protect homes and yards from damaging water intrusion or erosion. Adding plants to the borders give it a more authentic feel.

Landscape Design Services

A great landscape design balances functionality and beauty to create a plan that reflects your vision and style. If you’re having trouble deciding what to do with your yard, let us help. We are landscaping design professionals, and we’ve designed hundreds of landscapes over the years. We can customize a landscape design plan based on your wants and needs.

Outdoor Kitchens / Living

Nothing completes your outdoor living space like an outdoor kitchen. The need to live and cook indoors during the summer months will disappear as you and your friends share stories while your grilling steaks for dinner. We use some of the best quality appliances in our outdoor kitchens to insure many years of use.

Water Features

The soothing sound of a bubbling stream or roaring waterfall will remove all of the stresses of daily life. Decorated with mixed river rock and lush plantings. You will love eating dinner at sunset to the dancing sounds of your Bubbling Rock.

Landscape Lighting

Low-voltage lighting can bring your properties landscape alive after dark. It offers security and beauty that will distinguish your property from the rest. All the fixtures we use are very durable, commercial grade and the cost to operate a low voltage lighting systems is nominal.

​Patios and paths

​At Distinctive Terrascapes, patio design and construction has been the cornerstone of our success. We specialize in stone, brick and paver patios to create a space in your backyard that you will enjoy for years to come. Create an outdoor setting where friends and family can gather and share in each other’s company. We can bring your ideas to life.

​​Retaining Walls

We build retaining walls with natural stone, retaining blocks or timbers. Similar to our patios, retaining walls we build come with a five year guarantee. Before you choose a contractor to build your retaining wall, take a look at the retaining walls we've built over the years. The quality and creativity of our work is unmatched.

Planting Services

Trees, Flowers, Plants & Shrubs. We hand select all of our plants from a variety of local nurseries and we use all the local favorites as well as many more unique, foundation plants for your landscape. You can pick out every plant or have us, if you so desire. We guarantee all of our plants for one year with no questions asked.

Sprinkler System

Automatic sprinkler systems are convenient, practical and will save you money in the long run, when programmed properly. Our automatic sprinkler systems will not only save you money they will help with water conservation. Not to mention freeing up some of your valuable time.

Fire-Pit / Fireplaces

Do you want to sit out on your patio no matter what time of year it is? An outdoor fire pit could be the perfect addition to your outdoor living space! Whether you want a block fireplace or a natural stone fire pit to add rustic charm to your patio, Distinctive Terrascapes can help you.

Landscaping Services in Colorado Springs, CO.

New construction is always in need of landscaping services. We also have many customers who are re-designing or adding to their existing landscapes. Distinctive Terrascapes offers a full range of landscape services in Colorado Springs, Co. We have the versatility, knowledge and professional experience to accommodate our clients with one of the largest varieties of outdoor design-build landscaping services in the state. Contact us for a free estimate!