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Outdoor Living

​Ten years ago, this page would have simply been titled "Patios." Today,  patios have become more interesting and have earned their new "Outdoor Living" title. They have become extensions of our homes with all the amenities you would expect to see at a five star resort. Only, this resort is in your backyard. Distinctive Terrascapes has earned an excellent reputation for providing our clients with high-end patios and amenities at competitive prices. Our patios will be a direct extension of your home. Our patio designs will become the focal component of your property’s personality. We provide all the landscaping services needed to complete your project.

Outdoor Kitchen

 Outdoor kitchens offer the opportunity to cook outdoors while being surrounded by family and friends. It's a great way to socialize and not feel confined inside while everybody else is outdoors. Also, cooking outside keeps the heat out of your home. They will reduce the need to run in and out of the house, since everything you need is right there in one place. With everyone outside, your house will stay cleaner and cooler. Whether you build a simple grilling station or a fully equipped dream kitchen, the enjoyment of your outdoor living space will be multiplied greatly. The clean-up of your outdoor kitchen is simple, too. Just hit everything with the garden hose!

Outdoor Kitchen / Living by Distinctive Terrascapes Colorado Springs Landscaping
Outdoor Living Fire Pit By Distinctive Terrascapes Landscaping Colorado Springs

Fire Pits

Fire Pits are a great way to bond with family and friends while you bathe in the radiant flames. They are a great finish to any Colorado Springs Outdoor Living space. Not only do they add an awesome focal point they are great for family and friends to gather around. We specializes in creating unique designs that will fit most any budget. With natural gas/propane or wood burning, we can help you find which Fire Pit system best fits your lifestyle and needs.

Outdoor Fireplace

An Outdoor Fireplaces will be more than just a source of heat, it will be where stories are told and memories are made. Fireplaces contribute light to your space and keep your evening going. Your outdoor fireplace will become the center of your social interaction. Thus, promoting a new closeness not only with family members but with friends as well. We specializes in a variety of designs and materials to create a comforting glow that will enhance your Outdoor Living space.

Outdoor Living Fireplace By Distinctive Terrascapes Landscaping Colorado Springs