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Distinctive Terrascapes

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Flagstone Patios

If you want a beautiful, low-maintenance patio for your backyard you should considered a flagstone patio. A backyard patio can be the perfect place for entertaining guests or sitting in front of your outdoor fire pit. Why Install a flagstone patio? Flagstone is commonly used for patios, in fact, it is the most popular natural stone product. Beyond just their attractive appearance, flagstone patios are extremely durable, relatively easy to repair and low-maintenance. Compared to other material, flagstone is fairly simple to repair and can be fixed one piece at a time. Another great thing about flagstone patios is the versatility they offer when it comes to design options.

Paver Patios


If you're in the market for a new patio, you may want to consider pavers. Paver patio can enhance any yard. they can provide a solid and more reliable surface, one that is visually stunning and integrates smoothly with the rest of the outdoor living area. The best thing about pavers is their versatility – they can be cut to any shape and colored any way you want. Pavers are also extremely low maintenance and can be easily swept clean. In addition, repairs for paver patios are simple. They can be easily replaced without having to replace whole sections of the patio.

Concrete Patios


If you want a truly reliable patio for your outdoor living space, consider a concrete patio. Concrete can be stamped into patterns and color added to look like other materials, but versatility is not its only benefit. A Concrete patios is also incredibly durable and sturdy, and it doesn't require Much if any maintenance.

Patios - Pavers | Flagstone | Concrete in Colorado Springs, Co.

​You can use patios to connect parts of your home or to expand your living area by creating an outdoor living space perfect for social gatherings or just for hanging out with family on the weekend. Do you prefer the custom shapes, patterns and colors of a concrete and paver or how about the free form style and natural elegance of flagstone stone? Whatever your preference, our patio designs will reflect a direct extension of your Colorado Spring, Co. home and will become a focal component of your property’s personality.