Distinctive Terrascapes

Siloam Stone Slabs 

One of our favorite looks, slab stone retaining walls are just what they sound like, large slabs of stone that vary in width depending on the height of the wall.

Strip Stone

Strip Stone is a cut flagstone normally used for short retaining walls and planter boxes.

Boulder Retaining Wall

Boulder retaining walls are quite popular, adding planting material softens the look and can also bring out the colors in the stone.

Veneer Retaining Wall

Veneer or thin cut stone is ideal for building small dry stack retaining walls. Thickness of this stone ranges from 3/4" to 1 1/2" and come in many colors.

Retaining Wall Styles

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Quarried Stone

Quarried stone is random in shape and size. With so many colors and textures available you can add a unique look and feel to any project.

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Fractured Retaining Wall 

Fractured rock is jagged and irregular in shape. It's inexpensive but can be more difficult to work with. When done right it makes a great looking retaining wall.

Retaining Walls In Colorado Springs, Co.

Retaining walls are designed to terrace rapid changes in elevation on your property to prevent soil from eroding. Sometimes builders and landscapers will use retaining walls to help build infrastructural stability around your home. Other times, retaining walls are installed for purely aesthetic reasons such as accentuating a planter bed or driveway. In addition, retaining walls can provide extra usable space, where you could place an outdoor table and chair set a swing or even a garden. While the primary purpose for retaining wall construction is to hold back soil, this doesn’t mean that retaining walls can’t be purely decorative. Retaining walls can be built with a variety of materials, including versatile and colorful retaining block, timbers or perhaps a rustic natural stone that was sourced from the Colorado Springs, Co area.

Retaining Blocks

Retaining Blocks come in many shapes and sizes, giving you a choice of colors and textures. Having a uniform shape they can be used for anything!

Quarried Stone & Timber

A sample of mixing of the materials to come up with a truly custom look for your retaining wall project.