Netafim drip is designed to supply your landscape with the slow, steady drip of water below the surface of the ground. While conventional sprinkler systems spray water through the air, over spraying onto sidewalks, cars and the house. missed areas and lots of wasted water, Netafim drip products radiate water throughout the soil, delivering water directly to the plant’s roots. Drip line is flexible tubing with highly sophisticated emitters permanently installed to the inside wall of the tubing. The emitters release a very specific amount of water, at a low pressure, directly to the root zone of the plant. The result is a lush yet water-saving landscape that grows to maturity much faster, without the worry of sprinklers over spraying, under spraying or areas not getting watered because a sprinkler head is blocked by a plant.

Sprinkler Systems in Colorado Springs, CO


An automatic sprinkler system is the best way to water your lawn and plantings without lifting a finger. Installing a Rain Bird conventional or Netafim subsurface sprinkler system will make your yard the envy of the neighborhood. Dense, green, lush, healthy grass and vegetation is just a call away. A custom designed sprinkler system is also an effective way to increase the value of your home, enjoy more free time and save the limited water we have in Colorado Springs, Co.

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