Water Features By Colorado Springs Landscaping

Water Features

Water features have a profound effect on the look and feel of your landscape. They can also improve the mood of the person enjoying it. We have as much fun building your water feature as you’ll have enjoying it!


 We use a closed system of water filtration and circulation. This creates a water feature that is its own ecosystem. The system of filtration is quiet with much of it hidden underground or underwater. In addition, we install high quality, high efficiency pumps, so that all you hear is the water. Also, we use a 45 mil thick liner in all our ponds. They are tough, but very flexible, allowing us to make a pond of any shape or size. Finally, We use protective barrier beneath the liner to protect it from any sharp objects. ​Whether the water feature is big enough to swim in, or so small you can cross it in a single step. Distinctive Terrascapes can design and install this beautiful, relaxing addition to your landscapes.

What is the appropriate water feature for my space?

If you have an elevation change in the area you are looking to use, you may be able to have cascading waterfalls. If your area is flat you may want to consider a fountain or a bubbling rock.


A water features has an amazing effect on a landscape. Even a small water feature can change an entire yard. In addition, they can cool an area, drown out traffic noise, and have many relaxing properties. If you've never considered having one, you may want to reconsider.

Water feature By Distinctive Terreascapes Colorado Springs Landscaping
Water Features and Ponds By Colorado Springs Landscaping

Bubbling Rock

Bubbling rocks as landscape decor are growing in popularity, and work by circulating water up through the rock and back into an underground reservoir.

Water Features and Ponds By Colorado Springs Landscaping


Custom water features are a wonderful way to attract a wide variety of wildlife to your yard. Who doesn't want more nature!


Water Features and Ponds By Colorado Springs Landscaping

Koi Ponds

Koi and some goldfish can be a nice addition to any pond. Fish are the visual showstoppers of most ponds. Also, they help with algae problems by feed on it. Thus, lowering maintenance.

Water Features By Colorado Springs Landscaping

Aquatic Plants

Aquatic plants are an area of planting that is too often over looked. From duckweed to water lilies, these plants are some of the most beautiful and easiest to grow.